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How to connect youtube feed with website

Vyom App provides an easy way to connect your Youtube videos into your website feed. You just need to follow simple steps mentioned below.

➡️ Download VyomApp and login with your mobile number and OTP.

➡️ On Home Screen, find 3 vertical dots, tap on this, and choose More from menu.

➡️ From here select "My Websites" option to navigate to your website(s) list.

➡️ Click on 3 vertical dots from particular website, and choose "Youtube Feed" from menu.

➡️ Now you need to click on "Connect With Youtube" button from screen. It will take you to Google's Authorization screen.

➡️ This Authorization screen will ask you to allow VyomApp for permissions ""
 and "". These are the must required permissions in order to access your videos information from YouTube and show into website feed.

➡️ You must accept and allow "VyomApp" to acces your Youtube Videos, in order to connect with your website. Kidly check the checboxes shown to provide your consent to Youtube to share with "VyomApp".

➡️ VyomApp comply with Google API Services User Data Policy and Limited Use Policy. To know more about this visit OAuth API Verification FAQ.

➡️ Once you provide the consent to Youtube, you will be redirected back to app. Congratulations! your Youtube videos are connected with your website.

➡️ To confirm if your videos are showing into website feed, simply go to your website's timeline, and you will see the videos shown here as website feed/posts. Sometime may take few minutes to link with your website.

➡️ If you want to disconnect from Youtube feed further and remove your videos from "VyomApp", you can simply click on "Disconnect From Youtube".

➡️ In case you have any query or you are facing an issue, kindly visit our Contact Us page to connect with us.